These are stories from our member camps on what it means from them to be a part of the Association of Cedarbrook Camps.


Matt Daniel – Cedarbrook Texas
The annual conference is one of the highlights of my year! Getting to reconnect with other Cedarbrook Camps and learning together through our speakers and break out sessions is so great! The fact that we can share so much information and resources is so valuable for many small camps like ours in Texas.So many times it feels like we have to recreate the wheel - yet then find out other camps are trying do do the same thing.And you can never forget the great worship times - after all what would a good camp group be without WORSHIP?!
Marjie Randall – Oregon Camp Cedarbrook
The Association is wonderful to be a part of, it's like having an extended family for camp who is there to support you and give you ideas on how to run a successful camp.I especially enjoy the fact that they have training (Distance Ed) to offer for free to the membership that I can have my staff take that are specific to skill building Christian camps. It has helped us enhance our camp.
Debbie Morris – NeKaMo Camp
Being a part of the ACC gives our camp board members and staff fellowship, training, accountability, encouragement, and valuable resources. It’s been fun to go to conference each year and develop great friendships with like-minded people and to share ideas. Camp is certainly a community effort as we work together to share the gospel of Christ, and the ACC nourishes that community.

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