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The Association of Cedarbrook Camps offers 4 different types of membership, giving camps the flexibility to pick the option that works best for them.

The Cedar membership offers the most benefits for a camp’s board and staff members and has the lowest fee multiplier. Cedar camps also agree to participate in and pay for American Camp Association (ACA) accreditation and membership, with a negotiated discount.

Brook membership works best for camps who rent their site and/or are not currently accredited by ACA. This option requires participation in an ACC review more frequently than Cedar Members.

The Palm membership is essentially a fee-per-benefit membership. It allows a camp an introductory membership to the ACC and is a good option for smaller camps with limited resources. It gives new member camps and their leaders the opportunity to participate and learn about the ACC and become familiar with the Cedarbrook community.

The Solid Rock membership is for individuals who want to support the mission and purpose of the ACC but are not affiliated with or have a leadership role in a camp.