The core values that Cedarbrook Camps share are affirmed annually through the Spiritual Standard and Statement of Faith, Organizational Goals, and Camper Development Outcomes.

Cedarbrook Camps affirm that they will uphold these values within their camps. The Association promotes the benefit of the core Cedarbrook values through the functions, educational activities and governance.

Spiritual Formation

Encourage and support campers’ growth in their personal relationship with God by providing opportunities to:

  • Recognize and act on the need to accept Christ as personal Savior and Lord over every area of life.
  • Study and memorize God’s word and apply Biblical principles to daily life.
  • Participate in personal and group worship, devotional time, prayer and reflection.

Relationships and Community

Provide opportunities for campers to experience and build successful, positive individual and community relationships that are consistent with Biblical principles.

Skill-Building and Individual Development

Provide opportunities for campers to have fun, discover and celebrate their God-given value, uniqueness and abilities, develop increased competence and self-confidence, courage, and perseverance through learning and improving in challenging, skill-building activities.

Creation Appreciation

Campers will develop a deeper appreciation of God’s creation and an increased sense of our environmental stewardship responsibilities. Campers will enjoy and feel comfortable in the outdoor environment and care for it appropriately.